Jun. 6th, 2014

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I love seeing that big notice that my social capital is less than 10 on my profile. Thanks LJ. I feel much better about myself today.

Just as my never ending cold was starting to slow down, I caught whatever the crap it is that Issy has which she got from Tamara and Alder that I had assumed was the same thing I had. Apparently not. Dragging us in for strep tests this morning. If Issy and I are positive I'm making Thomas get one too in case he's an asymptomatic carrier. We have seriously, not exaggerating, had someone sick in this family every week since Christmas.

Last week I go to check my bank balance which by normal people standards probably would have been low but by our standards should have had a decent positive balance and see that we are actually overdrawn. I look down at the pending charges and see that the water company for the condo we just moved out of charged us $282. Thomas calls and is told that despite the fact that our previous month's water bill was $44 and we've never had one over $80 we're still on the hook for all of this because the water meter shows an increase in usage. It wasn't even a full month. They suggested that we take it up with the property management group because yeah... that's going to go well. We don't even have keys to the place anymore. So basically we're getting fucked on this one. Yay.

Happily our gas and water bills for the new house were like $5 and .16. Not for a full month of habitation but still.


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