Aug. 4th, 2015

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I got started on my granddad's letters over the weekend scanning them, slipping each page and envelope or clipping into individual sheet protectors, organizing them into binders, uploading them to the wordpress site I set up and transcribing them.

It's so fascinating to see a picture of their lives and family coming together. I didn't know my granddad's mom, she died when I was a baby, but my mom loved her dearly. She, my mom and my granddad are/were all very similar in temperament. Very very social. They had a huge group of friends and family that they were involved with.

For '43 & '44 there were two stacks of letters to my granddad, he was 16-17 for these and they're mostly from the girl he was chatting up at the time or from an older friend who had gone into service before he did. Shortly after he turned 18 in Jan of '45 he joined the Navy and for 1945 I have an enormous box of letters that he wrote home and letter that friends and family wrote to him. 1946 has its own huge box. I also have three big bundles of the letters written to his older friend that had gone into the service a few years before he did. None of us have any idea why my grandfather ended up with his letters and I'm still not sure what I want to do with them.

I've gotten about 6 weeks of his letters home done and am into the first month of the letters to him from his family. It's so strange that I'll be typing along and suddenly his mom will say something that reminds me that they were in the middle of a war. A mention of a conversation she had with the mother of another older boy he was close to who would end up dying in the War, a few sections where she talked about someone his dad worked with who found out his brother had died overseas. I can't even really imagine.

It's a huge job ahead of me, going to take forever but gosh so interesting.


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