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Over the weekend I had a stomach virus, Monday morning Thomas wakes me up to tell me he's lost his keys which wouldn't be a big deal except that it has our only mailbox key (which currently has Christmas presents stuck in it) and the thingamabob that lets him get on to his VPN at work so he can't work from home wihthout it. Rhiannon stayed home sick on Monday with the stomach bug while I spent all day cleaning and doing laundry trying to find Thomas's keys and catch up from having been sick all weekend. Issy comes home from school and says her head itches. I check and yup, lice. Rhiannon has/had them too. Commence maternal freak out and total hysteria.

So today has been spent doing laundry. The poor machines have been running since 7am yesterday with a brief rest while I didn't sleep last night and were back at it by 7am and haven't stopped since. I still have 7 bags to go. All bedrooms were stripped of linens and pillows, stuffed animals bagged and hauled to the garage for three weeks and all surfaces vacuumed the crap out of. Treated kid's heads, about two and a half hours of picking nits on the first run through (per kid) an hour and half on the second run through (also per kid) and will do a third before bed so that they can go back to school tomorrow.

I am so very glad Jack is a boy. If he ever gets lice I'm just shaving his darling head.

We never did find the keys.


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