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Thomas and I reinstalled WoW after Christmas and fell down that rabbit hole again. *sigh* I'm not raiding so it's not quite as bad as it could be (I'm not an addict, it's cool... ). I'm not very good with moderation when it comes to online gaming. The good thing is that I'm much more social when I am there and that seems to carry over into my real world interactions. It's like when I don't play it's -that- much easier for me to withdraw and talk to no one.

Meds seem to be helping. I had a period Sunday where I thought I was getting depressed but it passed. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Tamara got me the Pina documentary for Christmas, well she preordered it and it came last week. I'm watching the actual movie now and will hit the supplementary disc next (go go Criterion). The movie has all these little clips of interviews with Pina's dancers and one of them near the beginning of the film talks about how Pina's choreography was her vocabulary and it made me crack up because after I watched the movie the first time I completely and totally forgot about that bit and said the exact same thing over and over again because it's so very true for me. Had I found this when I was a teenager, I think my life would have been very different. Not better, I do love my life, but different. It makes the movie pretty difficult to watch.

I see the Boy Scouts are considering changing their policy about gays in and leading their troops. While it's not the full on change I'd like to see (they apparently are going with 'it's ok to be a bigoted troop if you want!') I'm so so glad that things will get a bit better. Thomas and I were talking the other night about how quickly attitudes towards homosexuality are changing in this country. It's amazing and wonderful. It's happening so much faster than either of us thought it would. I bet in 10 years a lot of this is going to be in our rearview mirror and anti-gay crap will be confined to a few nutjobs. *fingers crossed* It's one of the few issues in this country that I really feel positive about.


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