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Had a very relaxed long weekend. Took the kids to the Renn Fest on Saturday. On Sunday Thomas and I watched the new season of Arrested Development and then on Monday we did the last five episodes of Dr. Who with the kids.

I've had the treadmill in my room now since mid April and except for the few days before I left on vacation and the time we were away, I've used it at least 6 days a week. Not a terribly long period yet but I'm actually enjoying it. I'm getting a heart rate monitor this week so I can use that to start making sure I'm doing what I need to be.

Mom had a CT scan before we left and they found a small spot on her kidney. They're going to have to remove it before they can tell if its cancer or not. I'm going with her to Emory on Monday to talk to a urologist. I'm worried but trying not to overreact. The urologist who saw her last week says that even if it is cancer he thinks its highly treatable. It's coming at a really crappy time though. My sister in law who just lost her dad to lung cancer last year found out that her mother has pancreatic cancer. She's not doing well at all and my sister in law needs to spend time with her which means my mom has been taking care of her three kids (all age five and under).
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