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I'm about to hit one of those periods in life where everything shifts. We're going to be moving out of Atlanta once school ends. We might even be purchasing our first home. Maybe. Grant Park, our little pocket of the city, has been our home now for 11 years and now I'm leaving it for the burbs. I keep ticking off all the reasons why we're leaving but it isn't really making me feel better.

Rhiannon's high school experience has improved remarkably since we got her off the bus. It seems like about 75% of her issues stemmed from the unsupervised assholes bullying her there. I'm also going to admit that I made some horribly racist assumptions about her ability to find kids with similar interest in a school that is something like 98% African American from some pretty rough areas. She's found a pretty sizable group of girls who love anime or have other interests in common with her. Yeah, that was pretty dumb of me. Lesson learned. Apart from some problems with keeping a consistent teacher for French and a Broadcasting teacher she just doesn't get along with... oh and that Biology teacher who said that we "evolved from monkeys" and when Rhiannon politely questioned this (one of her dad's pet peeves so she knew better) got a "monkeys.... apes... same thing" back, apart from all that she's doing well there. She even got a 100 on her midterm in Math last week. Go girl!

So if the problem were just Rhiannon and the school, we'd stay. What is going on here mostly is that the Becks are leaving. The Beck family is made up of Tamara, Alder and Griffin. Alder has been Isadora's best friend since kindergarten. They're more like half sisters. We live literally across the sidewalk from them and at this point they spend most evenings and a good portion of the weekend at our place. Tamara and I have grown very close over the past few years too. They are part of our family now. High school is going to be hard on Isadora. It was a difficult transition for Rhiannon and she's a lot tougher than Issy is. Isadora is an incredibly sensitive and sweet kid who sadly inherited my predisposition for depression. She's doing ok right now but I'm worried about high school for so many reasons. She needs Alder. She really does. And if I'm being honest I need Tamara and Tamara needs me.

So we're moving.

If we are able to buy the house we want, we'll be down the street from Tamara. We'll have a huge backyard for Jack to play in. The kids won't hear gunfire on a regular basis. It's unlikely that a police chase will end by our back door. Homeless people probably won't sleep in our car. The girls can go for walks without me worrying they'll get robbed (as happened to Rhiannon's friends while walking home from school recently). There's a neighborhood pool. I'll be able to grill and garden again. Last night Tamara and I were talking about how much light pollution there will be since the community is right next to a very large state park. Isadora perked up and asked, "Does that mean we'll be able to see stars?!". My kids have grown up not being able to really see the stars. There's even a town square a few miles away that has a farmer's market with the same vendors that are at ours basically.

It isn't going to be a terrible thing but I'm still about half happy, half sad.

In June I turn 40. Cripes. I've just about decided that this is the time to get one of the two tattoos I've thought about for years. I don't have any right now because even though I have a pretty clear idea of what I want, I needed them to be connected to some major event in my life. I feel like this is shaping up to be the right sort of time. Later in my life I want to get a Duchamp tattoo (one of his works not a giant Head of Duchamp cuz that would be weird unless maybe it was Duchamp as Rose Sélavy but still... no) but this year I think I'm going to go with this piece of embroidery that kind of started the art nouveau movement called Der Peitschenhieb (or Cyclamen, or The Whiplash). http://www.muenchner-stadtmuseum.de/en/muenchner-stadtmuseum/highlights/obristpeitschenhieb.html Now I need to start figuring out how one picks a tattoo artist and then do that.

Date: 2014-03-20 01:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] macaholic.livejournal.com
It's a change in life that has the potential to give positive life changing experience to your children. That's a good thing. I hope you get the house you want. But, if you don't, it provides other opportunities to grow. Best wished dear friend.

Date: 2014-03-21 12:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] danuv.livejournal.com
Thanks! Yeah, I know it will bring a lot of good things. It's not as though we'd be stuck there forever if we hated it and these are fortunate "problems" to have.


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