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I'm sick (sore throat) and my wisdom tooth on my left side seems to be growing into my cheek and possibly infected making it impossible to chew food on my left side. I already can't eat on the right side because of the tooth that needs the root canal and cap. I feel like a horse that needs to be put down. We're supposed to be getting a car on Thursday and I guess after that I'll see if I can afford to have any dental work. Tomas' mom thinks that her regular insurance totally covered his wisdom teeth being removed without the dental insurance even getting involved. We'll find out I suppose.

Also I think I'm starting to get depressed. I can feel it opening up and trying to suck me in. I'm trying to stay kinda busy during the day which means I'm not taking naps. Not sleeping much at night because of the wee nursling and I'm barely eating because of the teeth, it's no wonder that I'm sick and on the verge of depression. Not a great deal I can do about it though. I'm cramming Vit. C and trying to up my water intake. At least I'm still on various vitamins, a prenatal and fish oil supplement.

Anyway. /whine

I'm reading an interesting book about two important Atlanta families (Ivan Allen Jr's and Maynard Jackson's) one black and one white and how their histories tell part of the story of race relations in the city. It's quite interesting. I'm not getting through it very quickly because I still haven't mastered reading and nursing at the same time.

Also I finally got the dvd for Across the Universe and loved it. I watched all the extra features and then viewed it with commentary over the weekend and wish there had been more to see. I'm such a musical fiend. Julie Taymor is seriously talented. I ought to buy her other two movies. OH! And in the supplements they called the boxes sequence used in the military induction scene 'Cornell boxes'. *squee!* i really HAVE to get some books about him. I keep waiting for one to show up on Bookmooch but I don't see that happening anytime soon. Last night I finished watching the Elizabeth sequel during a nursathon. It was beautiful but lacking. I never felt engaged. Up next are Once and Away From Her.


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