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The weekend was pretty nice. I grilled/smoked my chicken on Saturday, had the neighbors and Tamara/Alder/Griffin over for burgers and hot dogs on Sunday and then Monday we went to the lake cabin with my mom. I got some really nice pictures of Rhiannon Sunday night. She's so photogenic and pretty but she hates having her picture taken. I don't know how I, the most unphotogenic person on earth, managed to have two kids who photograph so well.

Today we took Jack in for his 4 month appointment. He's gained weight but not enough to keep him from sliding on his curve more. It's frustrating and worrying. He had a rough week because we were out so much last week and he doesn't eat well when we're not at home (too many distractions) plus he's got ANOTHER cold. Hopefully now that the girls are out of school there will be fewer intrusive curious children to get him sick. The doctor has us adding extra formula to make the bottles he gets (he only really wants 2 or 3 a day of about 2ozs each) more calorie dense. If he hasn't gained better by July she'll start running more serious tests. It's one thing to be a lean kid it's quite another to be dropping off your curve. He's happy and active so I'm not too terribly worried but I would like to get it figured out and stopped.


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