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The girls stayed home from school today. Rhiannon will have to stay home tomorrow too since they have a 24 hour with no fever policy now. I'm making a sort of Thai chicken soup with some coconut milk, chicken broth, mushrooms, lime, ginger, chicken, mushrooms and rice noodles. I'd drop some chilis in there if the kids would tolerate them and I had any. I need to make a run to the Dekalb Farmer's Market (which is really just an international grocery store rather than a farmer's market) and restock some things like lemongrass and lime leaves.

I read this interesting article on the placebo effect this morning. Ah the power of faith, be it in a god or in science.

Tomas and I played a lot of WoW this weekend since the kids were out of commission and we were housebound. I got my DK to 79 so I should finally have an 80 after years and years of on and off WoW playing and I'm in a guild with Tomas that is amusing. They're plotting how to get me into whatever it is you do when you turn 80. I still haven't learned the differences between raids, dungeons and instances. I was just very excited to finally be able to fly around Northerend looking for ore.
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Isadora is off with a friend seeing a My Little Pony stage show (god help us). So far today we've been to Chick-fil-A for breakfast then down to Super H for fun food things for the girls lunchboxes and over to Atlanta Cupcake Factory for a dozen cupcakes. I wasn't overly impressed with the chocolate one I ate, the cake was dry which shouldn't be an issue with a cupcake that cost as much as that one did. The others I've tried have been better but not amazingly so.

Now I'm giving Rhiannon's hair one last creepy crawler treatment (*shudder*) and I'm going to henna mine. For some reason I got a LOT of grey during my pregnancy and though Tomas claims its cute it really bothers me.

Tomorrow we're going to try and find a Hello Kitty store. Also I've decided that I need some Apple Bottom Jeans. I suspect they're well suited to my particular shape. It would be nice to find jeans that fit my hips and bum and also my waist. Contrary to what most clothes manufacturers seem to think even big women have waists.


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