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Someone just posted a picture of some empanadas on the food porn community and it instantly threw me back to when I was 14 and in Costa Rica. There was a small church we worked with for a week on the edge of the city. It was very close to where the 'barios' were. All up the sides of the mountain were small cardboard shacks with corrugated tin roofs. Many of them had electricity running to them and you could see the light from televisions pouring through the cracks.
I can't remember exactly why we spend so much time in this particular area but one thing we loved about it was this small snack hut. You'd go up to it, pay the guy some teeny amount of money and he'd pull a couple of empanadas out of a freezer and fry them up. He also gave you a Coke that he poured into a plastic bag so that he didn't lose his glass bottle. We'd walk around sipping Coke out of holes we bit into the bottom of the bag, trying not to spill them and trying to eat our piping hot chicken empanadas at the same time.

It's funny how you can forget something for so long and then suddenly remember it so clearly even after years and years.
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We have a huge old fig tree in a yard that is once again heavily loaded in ripening figs. I'd never eaten a fresh fig before last year and only had a couple then. Honestly I have no idea what you do with them. Can you make them into cobblers? Pies? My granny had a fig tree but it was never anything more than a large green bird feeder, we didn't eat the figs.

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It's been a lazy hazy (hazy lazy) day. We stayed up quite late last night and I slept in this morning. Isadora is off at a mini camp with my mom so there was no one to wake us up. Rhiannon is all 'grown' and quite capable of turning the tv on or playing computer games by herself. She seems to be reveling in the peace and quite.
Tomas made me pancakes this morning. I watched him to this once. It was scary. Pancakes are one of few things he cooks and he seems to have an attack approach to them. He cranks the heat up high, opens the window, closes the kitchen door, turns on the exhaust and does some sort of screaming devil maneuver where he somehow manages to cook the fuck out of them and yank them just before they burn, almost. It produces a great deal of fury and smoke in the kitchen so I was glad it was all said and done when I woke up and I was merely presented with the finished plate rather than having to witness their creation. Once was enough thank you. I'm content to clean up the mess afterwards.
I've just started Ken Burn's documentary on the Civil War and had to pause it so that I can rifle through my family history and collect all the names of the Civil War vets. I want to know the battles they were in so that I can more enthusiastically participate in the documentary. Whee. There aren't as many vets as I expected to find. Most of my ancestors seem to be straddling the line of too old or too young to have been in it. That or I'm having trouble locating their units. There is a great listing of C.S.A. peeps in Georgia but often you get initials rather than full names and that's too fuzzy to really use. I did get Uriah Taylor pinned down. He was my grandfather's great grandfather and in the Georgia Infantry 5th Regiment Company I, the Muscogee County company known as the 'Georgia Grays'. I'm still not sure of the right way to list all of that.
Anyway, his regiment fought in quite a few battles including Chickamauga, Chattanooga, and the Atlanta Campaign. That's pretty exciting to me as I grew up going to Chattanooga fairly often and have always been pretty familiar with the 'Battle in the Clouds' story. Hopefully I'll get a few more people figured out. On my mom's side all four of the boys in one family went to war. Three of them died. I wish I could figure out which group they were with but there were quite a few people with their surname in the lists and a lot of initials.


Jun. 25th, 2005 12:10 pm
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Lately I've been obsessed with getting a smoker. This is a really really silly obsession since a.) there's no place for a smoker at my current residence and b.) we can't afford one right now with all the saving we're trying to do. This however has not stopped me from obsessing.

I've wanted a smoker on and off intermittently for years now but this recent surge started from me trying to distract myself from other more confusing real life issues by reading a thread on eGullet about smoking ribs. From there I moved on to a very silly but hilarious thread entitled, Behold my butt! which of course is about smoking pork butts. Today I'm tackling the brisket thread. eGullet is an amazing resource for all sorts of culinary information. Once I get through with all of the cut specific threads there is still the eGullet Cullinary Institute course on 'Smoking meat at home' to dig through.


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