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This is Isadora's birthday gift, this an amp, assorted other accessories and a pack of Hello Kitty picks that she keeps calling "chips". God help us. I told my neighbor who just finished moving out yesterday to their new house that she picked a very good time to seek new shelter.

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The girls decided to get all goofy with Photobooth this morning.

It's raining and I'm in a good mood this morning. Up and down. Up and down. Mornings seem to be good, nights seem to be bad.

Dead Fairy

Feb. 23rd, 2008 06:10 pm
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dead fairy

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My mom gave Isadora one of those things that you put in water and it expands in size. This one was a fairy because Isadora has been utterly obsessed with fairies for months. Unfortunately the water not only made the paint all mottled but it compromised its structural integrity so that at some point early on in its life the poor fairy lost its legs during playtime. I say 'early on in its life' because Isadora has now been playing with this bizarre thing for days... since Valentines Day to be exact. She gets it out in the afternoon when she gets home from school and puts it back into a bowl of water before she goes to bed.

This morning I found her sitting at the table, humming to herself and setting up dollhouse plates with pretend hot dogs on them and suitcase scattered around. There was a Polly Pocket doll sitting up bent at the waist and the legless fairy was laying down towards the edge of the table. Isadora assures me it was a campout and not some strange funeral scene. I'm not convinced though I guess hot dogs are not really traditionally served at wakes.

I tried to convince her that it was time to let the thing move on to a better place and told her that Grammy would replace it but she's just not ready to let go yet. Hopefully she will be before it starts to grow fungus or mold.

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Isadora debris

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Living with Isadora means that occasionally one almost trips over things like randomly placed scale furniture sitting in the middle of the dining room floor.


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