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Things have been a little active this week. We got a minivan on Thursday. It's a '07 with a warranty and while not stylish or cool fits all of us comfortably and runs well. It's a delight to a) have something to get around in b)not have to worry about it breaking down or over heating and c)have working a/c and heat. It even has Sirius radio.

This weekend our neighbors have all been moving. We live in a 100+ year old house that was divided into four apartments eons ago. The lady who was living adjacent to us on the bottom level moved out on Friday and the family living above her moved into her place. They have two young children who I helped watch while they moved and Tomas assisted in lugging the heavy stuff. Today some other fella is moving into their old apartment. It's like musical chairs but with more furniture.

Sunday we took a crowd to the circus. Argh. Headache inducing madness. This morning Jack had his one month check up. He has a cold and has barely been sleeping at night. I'm walking around like a zombie again. He's gained some but not as much as he was gaining, up to 7lbs 12 ozs now and 21 inches. My kids never gained quickly though. I'm not too worried.

I'm feeling old and uninteresting today.
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Tomas is reading Good Faeries/Bad Faeries to the girls and after he read about the one who steals children Rhiannon said in her deadpan way, "That must be why there's no Annie 2."


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