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One night down, two to go. Tomas sounded a little overwhelmed by Vegas when I called to wake him up at 6am (his time... why should he get to sleep?!). He's sending me lots of pictures though he didn't get any great ones when he came in last night. I'll coerce him into wandering out later tonight for more snazzy over the top Vegas pics. Must have. Maybe next year I can go with him. I have a fascination with the place, it's so ... American. Plus ya know, whores. Not that I'd be buying. It's purely an academic interest (can I have academic interests when I'm not an academic?).

Tomas just emailed me a picture of the ad for strippers on his breakfast buffet's placemat. He seems amused by it.

My circular needles failed to come yesterday despite the USPS site's claim that they are in town and have been since the 6th. I'd say I'm ready to start on my longies since I've now cast on the 89 first stitches but step two already has me posting for help on a beginners board. Go me. Maybe the answer will be posted before the needles arrive. I was looking around at yarn on a website this morning and saw this stuff that I think would make a beautiful sweater coat (though probably damned expensive) but I think that's probably jumping years ahead of myself. Wonder how long it will take me to get that good/quick. I'd love to have a big cozy sweater to wrap myself up into.

Last night Isadora dumped a bottle of nail polish onto the dining room floor (wood) and then attempted to clean it up herself which led to a pink sink, pink faucet and two pink child's hands. Of course I own no nail polish remover so I located the dusty bottle of hairspray which seemed to help a little at least. What a mess.


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