danuv: (repose)
danuv ([personal profile] danuv) wrote2013-04-19 12:10 pm

random bits

Glued to the news this morning as I'm sure many others are. Crazy.

Got my treadmill into my room last night. It's a sturdy machine and should allow me to transition from walking to jogging as my fitness improves. I have no doubts that I'll use it because I really do like walking and enjoyed jogging during the period I was doing it, I just have trouble leaving the house to do it.

Last Friday I went to a yarn/knitting market with my mom and just really didn't handle it well at all. Too much chaos, too many people with giant bags and too little spatial awareness. Tuesday I had a dr's appt so I asked her if there was something I could take just when I knew I'd be in a stressful situation. She gave me a prescription for Xanax. We'll see how that goes. I don't get into situations that bother me that much too often.

Set us up for the local CSA again this year. When we get back from WDW I'll set up the meat one as well. Looking forward to it. I'm really really ready for some good ripe strawberries. Maybe we should go strawberry hunting this weekend. It's the first weekend for our local farmer's market so maybe someone will be selling berries.