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Word on the neighborhood forum is that a guy got shot and possibly killed right behind our house around 6-7pm at the Marta stop that Thomas uses in the morning. Rhiannon says she heard it but didn't bother telling anyone. Guess she's so used to the sound of gunfire now that it just doesn't ruffle her anymore. Not too thrilled about that.

House closing stuff is making me a nervous wreck. I don't really have a reasonable reason to be a nervous wreck but yet I am. Tamara closes tomorrow. They're trying to move our closing from the 30th to the 25th. It would be nice to have it done.

Rhiannon came home today complaining because her lit teacher gave her a 100 on this project she worked her arse off on. Only she and one other kid in the class completed the assignment and the teacher threw a fit and told them all she was giving those two a 100 and they didn't have to do their final report. Rhiannon is bummed out that she worked so hard on it and isn't actually getting the grade for the work she did. Hopefully the teacher will go over it anyway. I'm glad my kid had that reaction though.

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