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Aug. 18th, 2009 09:03 am
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Tierney Sophie Bag

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I found this very easy pattern on Ravelry this weekend that uses one skein of yarn, knits up in a day or two and then is felted. I love it. This particular bag is telling me it wants a brass/bronze owl brooch on it. I need to find one I like. I've got all these single skeins of wool sitting around from the yarn club I'm in and a girl only needs so many scarfs (especially in Georgia).

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I learned to knit English style and even though I'd heard Continental was faster I was not keen on learning something new, figured it would be complicated and tricky to retrain my fingers but I just watched a video this morning about an unrelated knitting issue where she was knitting Continental and dang if it's not incredibly easy and way way faster. I think I'll switch over. The main thing will be getting used to holding the yarn in the other hand but I don't think that will take much adjustment.
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I finished a sock! It took me a week but I am now ready for the GLBT single sock hop. Or something. The picture is terribly unflattering and makes my legs look like logs which they might anyway I just don't usually take pictures. No major flaws either except that my grafting still is sloppy and there's a place where I wished I'd picked up more stitches since there's more stress on that area when the sock is on and it makes a small hole. Other than that I'm pretty happy with my first sock!

Next time I make a pair I probably should learn the two at a time magic loop method and use smaller needles (I used a size 3). Also I think I'd rather just have the ribbing at the tip top but this was a good beginners sock class so I'm not complaining too much.

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I've begun my first pair of knitted socks using this excellent online sock tutorial. It's rather like knitting with toothpicks and sewing thread. Seems like it's going to take a very long time to knit a pair but maybe things will speed up once I get the rhythm of it a little better. The yarn I'm using is a very beautiful Japanese yarn that is much more delicate that what I've been using but at the same time also rougher and not as even so that knitting with it is a very different experience tactile wise. I wasn't really expecting that.

The girls enrolled in Girl Scouts on Friday. Rhiannon is a Jr. Girl Scout and Isadora is a Brownie. They're very excited about it and especially excited about buying the little uniforms. Isadora is certain that she'll be the cutest thing ever in hers and she probably will.
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My baby is sick. He has a sore throat and a runny nose and after he coughs he looks up at me like, "Mommy make it better" but I can't and it's heartbreaking. I sent Tomas to the store for baby tylenol, a cool air humidifier and a Vicks Vapor machine thingie. That and a boob or two is the best I can do right now.

Tomas is off to some meeting and as a present for leaving me here with a sick baby (who of course didn't sleep last night) and the two girls he's going by the yarn store on his way home and buying me treats. I'm getting snazzy sock yarn so that once I'm done with this pair of shorties I can learn to make socks. After he returns with my new goodies I'll have enough yarn for 7 or so more projects.

Netflix delivered some 80's series called The Singing Detective. I can't remember when or why I added it to my queue but it looks entertaining.
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Jack's new soaker

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This is a soaker (diaper cover) I started yesterday. I'm oddly attracted to this color even though I know it's a bit drab and dull. I once painted my kitchen a similar color which turned out to be a hideous mistake because it made it look like the interior of a submarine.

The soaker is going ok. I had to learn to do an 'eyelet row' but I'm not sure I did it quite right because the ribbing looks a little twisted above the holes. Also after I finished the ribbing I started on the body of the soaker for a few minutes and then went to get the kids from school. When I got back my brain was still in ribbing mode and I accidentally went around once in k2p2 and so had to rip it out. I'm still not sure which way the stitches go back on the needles, I can't figure it out. So there are some places where the stitches are twisted. Other than that I guess I'm happy with it so far but I've still got the tricky part to come where I do decreases for the first time. Then I'll get my second chance at that whole Kitchener thing and this time I will overcome dernit!

edit: the picture looks completely grey but there's a lot more blue in it

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Finished longies.

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All done! I'm going to start on a soaker next with some more of the same brand of wool I picked up at the yarn store yesterday.The crotch looks like a drunken five year old made it, the holes still look mangled and ugly and there are a number of places where I made a mess of the stitches in one way or another but they're done and they resemble actual pants and he can wear them so woot! I learned and I'll learn more on the next thing I make. I'm just tickled that one can make garments out of string and sticks. It seems like a useful post-apocalyptic skill and I don't really have enough of those.

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I did a short row and don't seem to have mangled it!

The waistband ribbing is done and the buttukus is starting to form. I might actually pull this off. *bounce*

edit: I spoke too soon there are holes on one side of my short rows. The other side seems fine so I'm half mangling.


Aug. 8th, 2008 11:00 am
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Knitting with DPN's is not nearly as hard as I feared it would be. Of course I am using fairly large DPN's (8's) and big chunky yarn but the practice bit I'm doing is really making a little cute tube (which I shall soon unravel). Yay!
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One night down, two to go. Tomas sounded a little overwhelmed by Vegas when I called to wake him up at 6am (his time... why should he get to sleep?!). He's sending me lots of pictures though he didn't get any great ones when he came in last night. I'll coerce him into wandering out later tonight for more snazzy over the top Vegas pics. Must have. Maybe next year I can go with him. I have a fascination with the place, it's so ... American. Plus ya know, whores. Not that I'd be buying. It's purely an academic interest (can I have academic interests when I'm not an academic?).

Tomas just emailed me a picture of the ad for strippers on his breakfast buffet's placemat. He seems amused by it.

My circular needles failed to come yesterday despite the USPS site's claim that they are in town and have been since the 6th. I'd say I'm ready to start on my longies since I've now cast on the 89 first stitches but step two already has me posting for help on a beginners board. Go me. Maybe the answer will be posted before the needles arrive. I was looking around at yarn on a website this morning and saw this stuff that I think would make a beautiful sweater coat (though probably damned expensive) but I think that's probably jumping years ahead of myself. Wonder how long it will take me to get that good/quick. I'd love to have a big cozy sweater to wrap myself up into.

Last night Isadora dumped a bottle of nail polish onto the dining room floor (wood) and then attempted to clean it up herself which led to a pink sink, pink faucet and two pink child's hands. Of course I own no nail polish remover so I located the dusty bottle of hairspray which seemed to help a little at least. What a mess.
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Persona wasn't bad. I'm not sure I'm smart enough to have fully understood it but I enjoyed watching it, though I'm also not sure enjoyed is the correct word. Bergman is a director whose movies I find compelling even when I know I'm not totally getting it. Also I love Liv Ullmann.

Isadora's scarf is nearly done and the set of circular needles I ordered off of ebay should be here tomorrow so I'll be able to start on Jack's shorties (or I may go ahead and make them longies since it's already Aug.). After that I'm going to make socks with this sock tutorial I found on Ravelry that looks easy enough for even me to follow. I stumbled across a hilarious baby yoda set this morning that has a little kimono top and a felted yoda head hat. It's freaking adorable but probably beyond my skills.

Jack had what we call in the mommy trade a Bad Night. He nursed for about 6 hours straight. Tomas leaves for Defcon tomorrow night and I'm going to be managing the boy alone for three nights in a row. Ugh.
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Tomas got his boss's old iPhone (well actually pretty new just not the newest model) yesterday. I played with it all morning. Suggestions for useful apps appreciated.

I managed to drag my iBook on to the floor last night by tripping over the cord. It's running but I'm afraid something is seriously fucked because most of my third party applications aren't working (iChax, Xjournal) and the programs that do work start very slowly.

Over the weekend I finished the simple scarf I was making for Rhiannon. It was very basic just to practice the knit stitch (it's called a stitch, right?) and now I'm making a super skinny k2p2 scarf for Isadora to practice my purls. After that I'm going to jump right in a tackle a supposedly 'easy' longie pattern and learn as I go because otherwise I might get stuck making scarves forever. I love these birch needles though. They're so much nicer to use than the metal ones. And the wool yarn feels a lot better than the wool/acrylic blend I made Rhiannon's scarf with. I have to get some smaller needles for the longies I think. Perhaps I can do that over the weekend. I'd like to be ready to go as soon as this scarf is done.
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We're having a pretty hefty thunderstorm so I made Tomas hold Jack because I kept jumping and squealing when the thunder cracked too loud.

It's been a busy weekend. Friday we went down to my uncle's lake house where Jack had his first solid food, a teensy bit of banana and then zonked out in his swing on the porch. I also got several glamour shots of little miss Ellie. She's a cutie pie. The girls had a blast playing in the lake for hours and hours with their cousin and some other kids. They got burned though which is not a good way to head into Grammy Camp. That blessed event began last night. We dropped them off at mom's and then went to the drive in where we saw Wanted and The Hulk. I wasn't impressed with either though The Hulk was somewhat better. It was definitely a better way to see a movie with a baby.

Friday I got some knitting stuff so I've been working on that a little. We bought the girls some clothes for grammy camp and snagged an awesome Beatles shirt for Jack. Today Tomas is supposed to be powerleveling my Hunter but we're off right now because of the storm. Our internet connection kept dropping. Death was imminent.
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Necessity is pushing me to join the cult of knitters. I want to be able to make longies, shorties and soakers for Jack because they're expensive to buy and don't usually get made in the colors I like.

Mom is going to loan me some supplies so I can teach myself. I hope it doesn't take too long to get up to the point where I can make the things I really want to.


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